Hand Carved Dog Tobacco Pipe

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in How to Articles, News |

Here are some photos from my Briar pipe build. When I say “Briar” pipe I am talking about my dog Briar. With my last dog I decided to making a carving of all future dogs as a tribute to them. When my Great Dane Dozer died I got a Boston Terrier Pugg mix and named her Briar. This was the first time I had made a realistic carving that had to match something in real life. I started this project and glued the template to the block almost a year ago. It took me that...

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Homemade Navy Flake Using a Simple C-Clamp Tobacco Press

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in How to Articles, News |

Homemade Navy Flake made from my 2015 bright leaf Virginias grown in my garden, about 5% St. James Perique and cased with spiced dark rum. The plug was pressed in my simple C-Clamp Press. Last year was the first time I grew tobacco in my home garden which yielded a little over 1.25 pounds of finished bright leaf Virginia tobacco. After aging the tobacco for 11 months I then started wondering how to prepare it. That got me quickly thinking about pressing the tobacco so that...

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