Growing Virginia Tobacco in Central California – 2nd Season

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in News, Pipe Tobacco |

This is my second year growing bright Virginia tobacco in the central California Sierra mountains. This year’s tobacco plants are turning out great even though I planted them 6 weeks late in the season. In just 10 weeks my Virginia plants have grown to about 4′ and should grow another 12″ to 18″ over the next month. Tobacco is a hearty crop and can grow in many different climates. To give you a better idea of my growing conditions, and to show that...

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Growing Your Own Pipe Tobacco

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in News, Pipe Tobacco |

In this short article I’ll briefly talk about growing tobacco at home but I plan on elaborating on it in the near future. I was surprised how well the Virginia tobacco grew given my location in the Central California mountains. This tobacco was grown at 3,000 elevation where humidity is very low and summer daytime temperatures can reach the upper 90s. The tobacco plants grew fast and in just over 3 months grew to just below 6 feet and the larger tobacco leafs were...

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Back Down South by Briarworks International

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in News, Pipe Tobacco |

This week I had the opportunity to sample one of Briarworks International’s new pipe tobaccos. This was actually a pre-release sample of their new pipe tobacco Back Down South. It was given to me by a great guy on Instagram that doesn’t really care for VaPer (Virginia & Perique) tobaccos. I smoked the five bowls that the sample pack contained within a few days. Upon finishing my supply I quickly went on a search to buy this pipe tobacco. After no luck...

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Two Dark Strongs

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Recently I purchased two new tobaccos, Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky and Peter Heinrich’s Dark Strong. I’ve heard many say that they are the same tobacco, almost identical but I disagree. They are similar but have different tin notes and subtle flavor differences. Upon opening the Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky it has a tin note of raisins and Virginias where as the PH Dark Strong has hints of licorice, raisins and Virginias. Both are a very satisfying smoke. The...

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