Back Down South by Briarworks International

Briarworks International Back Down South Pipe TobaccoThis week I had the opportunity to sample one of Briarworks International’s new pipe tobaccos. This was actually a pre-release sample of their new pipe tobacco Back Down South. It was given to me by a great guy on Instagram that doesn’t really care for VaPer (Virginia & Perique) tobaccos.

I smoked the five bowls that the sample pack contained within a few days. Upon finishing my supply I quickly went on a search to buy this pipe tobacco. After no luck finding it anywhere I went to Briarworks International’s website and emailed the CEO asking about this great tobacco and where I can buy it. He informed me that it would be released at the Nashville pipe show this year.

I’m not great at reviewing pipe tobaccos but I know VaPers and I know what I like. To let you know where my tobacco tastes are currently, my favorites are Escudo, McClellands St. James Woods, Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake, Orlik Golden Sliced and Peter Heinrick’s Dark Strong. Back Down South ranks up high with these other quality pipe tobacco blends. It has a sweet and rich Virginia notes with a generous portion of Perique. The mouth feel is thick and rich with that great VaPer taste.

This is quoted from the back of the sample pack describing Back Down South. “Here’s the robust side of Virginia. Red and bright flue-cured leaf is enriched by the addition of a judicious amount of Louisiana Perique. The blend is further fortified with a touch of dark-fired Kentucky for more depth and body.” I’d say that sums it up.

Keep a lookout for this great new tobacco from Briarworks International.