Danish Rubicon Tobacco Pipe by Kraig SederquistI’ve just finished making a 6 part pipe making video series showing how I make a Danish style tobacco pipe.  In this video series I show all of the steps that go into making one of my Danish style pipes, which is shown in the picture.  This is the pipe that I make in this video series.

Pipe makers have numerous ways of doing the same thing.  You may see other videos where something is done completely different.  Most of what I know I’ve figured out on my own the hard way although I have gleamed some good information from https://pipemakersforum.com/.   My main goal was to help people take their pipe making to a new level by seeing how I make pipes.  I don’t claim to be a high-end pipe maker or be an expert in pipe making, but I think I can help some people learn new techniques if they’re starting out.

To watch the video series on this site click here.  Or if you’d rather view this video series on YouTube you can go there by clicking here.