Pipe Care & Tips

Caring for your Tobacco PipeA topic that comes up often is how to take care of briar tobacco pipe. It’s really pretty simple and there are just a few things that will help your pipe last for decades. As with anything there are different opinions and techniques but below are my suggestions.

  1. Never remove your stem from the pipe while it is warm, EVER. If you feel you need to remove your stem wait an hour for the briar to fully cool. I personally avoid ever taking the stem off. I clean my pipe by running the pipe cleaner down the stem all the way to the bowl while the pipe is still warm.
  2. Remove the stem by twisting it off in one direction.
  3. Never leave a pipe in direct sun. This will dry and crack the briar.
  4. I apply a carnauba polish to my pipes after every smoke. I rub the paste polish into the briar and stem, let it dry for about 10 minutes then buff it off with a soft cotton cloth. This keeps the briar looking like new and protects the vulcanite stem against oxidation.

If you would like to order the carnauba polish I use on all of my pipes click on the link below to Walker Briar Works.  On the page the polish is listed as carnauba wax sealer. I rub this into the briar and stem every few smokes to keep the briar looking like new and to prevent vulcanite stems from oxidizing.

Click here to visit Walker Briar Works