Pipe Valet Sales Start Today May 23rd at 6:00pm

The Pipe Valet Latakia ColorPipe Valet sales start at 6:00PM today.  The initial sales will be for the Pipe Valet classic in Virginia and Latakia colors.  If by chance you don’t get one before they sell out please not that more will be in stock soon since I am starting a larger production of the Pipe Valets.

After 6:00PM today, May 23rd 2020, you can find the Pipe Valet’s here.

Please contact me if you have a pipe club or business and would like your logo laser engraved onto the front of the Pipe Valet in the tray area. Logo size can be 5″W x 3.5″H and must be delivered in a black and white format.  SederCraft will fine tune your graphics for best laser engraving output and detail.  If you’re interested in custom laser printing please contact me using the contact form.