Longeway Egg

This smooth tobacco pipe is made from aged Italian briar with amazing naturally finished grain and has a black ebonite stem.  The stem is fitted with a Delrin tenon for durability. A pipe cleaner will easily pass from the bit to the bowl.

NOTE: This pipe has a reduced price ($300 down to $230) due to a very minor flaw in the ebonite stem. The stem material before I acquired the ebonite rod must have been stored in direct sunlight. There is minor sun lightening on the left and right side near the shank that is only visible in direct or very bright light.  This is not oxidation. This is a minor cosmetic issue that is not visible in normal indoor lighting, and only visible in direct sunlight or very bright direct lighting. I am compelled to disclose any imperfections in my pipes to the buyer.  Please see the unedited video below for a preview of the pipe.

Length: 5 1/8″
Height: 1 5/8″ briar portion
Bowl Diameter: .75″
Bowl Depth: 1 1/4″
Weight: 1.69oz / 47.9 grams


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