The Pipe Valet – Naked

The Pipe Valet – Naked

This Pipe Valet is a clean canvas to stain your desired color or to paint it however you wish. I recommend that if staining the Pipe Valet that you give it a clear polyurethane or other sealing clear coat.

Packing your pipe can get messy with bits of tobacco falling in your lap, in your chair or on the floor. The Pipe Valet gives you a place to rest your pipe while you prep your tobacco. When you’re done rubbing out your flakes or just packing your pipe with standard cut tobacco the Pipe Valet features a spout on the bottom edge to pour your excess tobacco back into the tin or jar.

Natural Finish: No stain or clear coat
Size: 11″ x 7″ x 3/4″

Made in the United States.


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