SederCraft Handmade Tobacco Pipes

SederCraft handmade tobacco pipes. On the bench are custom Danish Style Pipes and Oom Paul tobacco pipes ready to be shaped freehand.Thank you for your interest in my handmade tobacco pipes.  Making tobacco pipes is a hobby of mine and not my full time job.  Because making tobacco pipes is a hobby I can’t create pipes in the large numbers as many full time pipe makers do.  Making pipes is something that I do in my free time for fun, when time allows.

Normally I try to release in-between 5 to 8 tobacco pipes per month.  I’m currently trying to increase the number of tobacco pipes made without lessening the quality of each pipe.  I’m doing this by making similar styles in batches so that each one isn’t a complete one-off, though I use different dye colors and stems to keep them original. The demand for my pipes has unexpectedly increased over the past year which makes it hard to keep them in stock.

NOTE:  Though the handmade tobacco pipes below may be sold out, I am always working on new pipes to add to the website.
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Handmade Tobacco Pipes by Kraig Sederquist