SederCraft Pipe Smoker’s T-Shirts & Hats

Sometimes it’s just fun to have a shirt supporting the hobby you love.  I created these to be conversation starters in my local cigar shop and when running around town. I was surprised to find so many closet pipe smokers in my area so I designed these shirts and hats to show my support for the pipe community and to find the other local pipe smokers.

If you are slim or have an athletic build you will love the SederCraft fitted t-shirts. The shirts feature a large SederCraft logo graphic on the back, crossed pipes on the right sleeve and a small SederCraft logo on the front. For the dark colored fitted shirts click here, or if you like the lighter fitted shirts click here. The standard men’s t-shirts can be found here.

For the woman pipe smoker I have some women’s t-shirts, and will be adding more styles soon. Click here to view the women’s pipe smoking t-shirts.

For those that like a classic baseball style hat I have the SederCraft hats with the logo on the front and crossed pipes on the back. There are currently 3 different colored hats available which can be found by clicking here.