St. James Woods a great VaPer

Excellent VaPer, St. James Woods Tobacco by McClellandLately I’ve been growing to appreciate and crave VaPer tobaccos. VaPer tobaccos are a blend of Virginia tobaccos with spicy Perique tobaccos grown in Louisiana. There are numerous VaPer tobaccos such as Orlik Golden Sliced, Escudo, Luxury Navy Flakes to name just a few.

A few weeks ago I purchased a 3.5oz tin of St. James Woods by McClelland on for $14.70. The price wasn’t bad and was looking for a new VaPer to try. I made the purchase after hearing someone I consider knowledgable talk about it on Instagram and reading some reviews.

Upon receiving the tin I opened it to see a dark broken flake tobacco with the distinctive McClelland smell. Not a bad smell but that slight catsup smell their tobaccos often have. The moisture level was a bit moist so I let a bit dry for 20 minutes before smoking it.

My first bowl was ok, just ok. It really didn’t do much for me but I sensed my taste buds were off that night so I decided to try it again the next night. The second bowl was completely different. This time I truly appreciated this great tobacco. The sweet Virginias are balanced great with the Perique. The tobacco has nice early tones with a smoke that feels heavy and sweet. I’ve now smoked several bowls of this tobacco with no tongue bite at all.

I’ve cellared over half of my 3.5oz but it’s not enough. This is a classic VaPer and I will soon stock up on more of it to cellar a few years. I highly recommend this excellent tobacco.