Stay Tuned … The Pipe Valet is Starting Production

the Pipe Valet by Kraig SederquistAfter a long hiatus the Pipe Valet is going into production.  The new Pipe Valets should be available in May of 2020.  To get updates or notification when they are released please subscribe to my newsletter.

Just packing a tobacco pipe can get messy with bits of tobacco falling in your lap or on the floor. The Pipe Valet gives you a place to rest your tobacco pipe while you prep your tobacco. When you’re done rubbing out your flakes or just packing your pipe the Pipe Valet features a spout on the bottom edge to pour your excess tobacco back into the tin or jar.

The Pipe Valet will be sold on  To get notified when it’s released signup for the newsletter on my site. The Pipe Valet will be available in a dark and light finish and a limited number with hand carving and hand applied textures.

The Pipe Valets are made in America with American grown woods.