how to make a tobacco pipe

Smooth Danish style tobacco pipe with a natural finish by SederCraft

New Pipes in the Works

I’m currently working on a batch of pipes which will be released on in the next week.  There will be a few billiards, a few Danish styles and possibly…

SederCraft Pipe Smoker’s T-Shirts

Sometimes it’s just fun to have a shirt supporting the hobby you love.  I created these to be conversation starters in my local cigar shop and when running around town.…
Danish style egg tobacco pipe in magnum size. Created by Kraig Sederquist

Danish Style Magnum Pipes

I’m currently working on a small batch of handmade Danish style magnum sized tobacco pipes.  These pipes will have plateau rim, deep 13/16″ bowl and light and dark ox horn…
Rusticated billiard with Cumberland stem and faux ivory

A few more billiards on the way

Today I’m going to list a rusticated billiard with a faux ivory accent and a German SEM Cumberland stem.  I have two other billiards I am finishing up which will…
SederCraft Danish Style Pipes and Oom Paul tobacco pipes

New Batch of Pipes Coming Soon

I am currently working on a batch of my SederCraft Danish inspired eggs, three of my Danish Oom Pauls, a few Bing’s Favorites and one billiard with amazing birds eye…
SederCraft batch of 10 handmade tobacco pipes. Made by Kraig Sederquist

10 Pipes Being Added 10/07/2021 at 5pm PST

I will be adding 10 pipes to October 7th at 5pm pacific time.  The products will not show up before 5pm this afternoon so please check back then.
batch of handmade tobacco pipes created by Kraig Sederquist

October Batch of SederCraft Tobacco Pipes

I am currently working to finish a batch of pipes and I hope to list them on the first week of October 2021. There are several different tobacco pipe…
SederCraft tobacco pipes in the process of being made

Large batch of pipes in the works

I’m currently working on a batch of 12 pipes.  The shapes vary from Bing’s favorites, a few billiards and some Danish style pipes. I hope to have these pipes listed…
SederCraft Danish Style Smooth Bent Pipe

Two Pipes Being Added Today

Today I’ll be adding the Glen Aulin billiard and the Waterwheel Falls Danish inspired tobacco pipe.  Both of these pipes are made of high quality Italian briar and both feature…
Danish Rubicon Tobacco Pipe by Kraig Sederquist

New Tobacco Pipe Making Video Series

I’ve just finished making a 6 part pipe making video series showing how I make a Danish style tobacco pipe.  In this video series I show all of the steps…