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SederCraft Danish Style Smooth Bent Pipe

Two Pipes Being Added Today

Today I’ll be adding the Glen Aulin billiard and the Waterwheel Falls Danish inspired tobacco pipe.  Both of these pipes are made of high quality Italian briar and both feature…
Danish Rubicon Tobacco Pipe by Kraig Sederquist

New Tobacco Pipe Making Video Series

I’ve just finished making a 6 part pipe making video series showing how I make a Danish style tobacco pipe.  In this video series I show all of the steps…
SederCraft tobacco pipes

5 New Pipes Added Today

I’ve added 5 handmade tobacco pipes to the site today with 2 Danish style pipes, 2 billiards and a freehand pipe with a military mount.  The Rubicon pipe listed on…
The Pipe Valet

Mahogany Pipe Valets On Sale Soon

The next batch of the SederCraft Pipe Valets will be available soon.  At the moment I’m trying to get them on sale the week of February 22nd.  This next batch…
The Pipe Valet Latakia Color

Next batch of Pipe Valets available soon

The next batch of the SederCraft Pipe Valets will be available soon.  During COVID some needed materials and hardware have been delayed but the Pipe Valets should be ready very…
The Pipe Valet by Kraig Sederquist - Tobacco Pipe Tray and Pipe Rest

The Pipe Valet – Production Update 5/18/2020

After many COVID related production delays the Pipe Valets are near complete.  This week we’re finishing up the clear coat and laser marking on them. Sale of the Pipe Valet…