The Pipe Valet – Production Almost Complete

The Original Pipe Valet by Kraig SederquistI’m happy to announce that the Pipe Valet will be released in the next few weeks (mid May, 2020).  We’ve finished the making of the new Pipe Valet and are now staining, sealing and adding a small laser logo mark.

The shape of the new model is very similar to the original but with a slight modification.  The width will remain same as the original, which makes it easy to sit in your lap, but the height (from top to bottom) is 2 inches less making the it more portable and a little bit lighter.


With this release there will be two main colors to pick from; a medium stain which is called the Virgina and a darker stain which is called Latakia.  More colors will be added in the near future such as Red Virginia (red tones) and Burley (a very light stain).

Styles & the custom Pipe Valet series

The majority of the valets will have the smooth finish as shown in the image, but there will be a limited release of custom Pipe Valets which will have different and unique decorative carvings.  These custom Pipe Valets will also have different stains an finishes.

The Pipe Valet will be available in the SederCraft store upon release.