The Pipe Valet – Production Update 5/18/2020

The Pipe Valet by Kraig Sederquist - Tobacco Pipe Tray and Pipe RestAfter many COVID related production delays the Pipe Valets are near complete.  This week we’re finishing up the clear coat and laser marking on them. Sale of the Pipe Valet should take place next week on this site,  There may be a pre-sale on the Virginia and Latakia Pipe Valet colors but this decision hasn’t been finalized yet.

Limited custom carved Pipe Valets will be rolled out as I finish them.  I understand that some may be holding out for a custom Pipe Valet which will be released after the Virginia and Latakia smooth Valets.  This could cause a person to miss out on the smooth series while holding out for the custom.  I guarantee that the Pipe Valets will now be in regular production, so if you miss out on this current release of them, you’ll have more Pipe Valets too choose from in the near future.