The Pipe Valet

The Pipe Valet Latakia ColorPacking your pipe can get messy with bits of tobacco falling in your lap, in your chair or on the floor. The Pipe Valet gives you a place to rest your pipe while you prep your tobacco. When you’re done rubbing out your flakes or just packing your pipe with standard cut tobacco the Pipe Valet features a spout on the bottom edge to pour your excess tobacco back into the tin or jar.

I came up with the idea for the Pipe Valet out of my need to keep my leather chair clean and not make a mess every time I rubbed out my flake tobacco and packed my pipe. I was constantly rubbing flakes in my chair with my pipe hovering over a jar or tin of tobacco.  I wanted something that I could keep by my chair, that looked nice and most importantly was functional for my evening pipe ritual.

Other colors and woods coming soon.  There will be a laser etched Dark Navy Blue, Dark Burgundy and Santin Black in the works.